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2014 Notre Dame Talent Show a Major Success

notre dame school talent show

Notre Dame Talent Show

February 28th was the culmination of months of preparation and practice. This year’s TV themed Talent Show featured show stealing acts like The Beverly Hillbillies, The Addams Family, Gilligan’s Island, American Bandstand, The Brady Bunch, The Mickey Mouse Club, and The Price is Right.

Opening acts

Following the presentation of colors by our Boy Scouts, the show began with a black light dance to the Twilight Zone Theme. With an attendance of over 600, this year’s Talent Show was one of the most well-attended events in The Notre Dame School’s 50 year history and those family, friends, and supporters in attendance were boisterous in their appreciation of every act including an incredible I Love Lucy skit, a beautiful performance by the Notre Dame Praise Dancers led by Ms. Melissa of Epiphany DanceArts, the reunited Beatles reenacting their performance on the Ed Sullivan Show, and a Vocational-created video of Duck Dynasty.

More Highlights

Another highlight was Bridges student Beth Crisp performing an original song called “Celebrate” accompanied by teacher Josh Fernandez on guitar. Other teachers joined in the fun as well, with the female teachers performing “Laugh-In” sketches and the male teachers encountering more humorous moments during their synchronized swimming.

Bridges teacher Alex Eckler hosted the event with his incredible gifts for humor and entertainment and gave the event a true “big night” feel.

Major fundraising success

The Talent Show was also a major fundraising success. This year’s show featured student made baked goods that were perfectly wrapped by Patsy Vaughn. Another aspect of the evening was The Showcase Showdown featuring items donated to the school by local companies and Notre Dame families as well as a month-long I-Pad raffle. In total, the evening grossed $10,000!

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