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Lower School

The Notre Dame Lower School

Emphasizing functional academics, including math, reading, science, social studies and daily living skills. Throughout the lower school, appropriate behavior and the development of social skills is emphasized.

 Primary Program (Ages 6-10)

The Notre Dame School Primary Program

In the Primary Program there is one self- contained classroom with a teacher and an assistant. In addition to the standard curriculum, students receive communication skills, music, readiness activities, as well as fine motor, gross motor, music and art.

 Intermediate Curriculum (Ages 11-15)

The Notre Dame School Intermediate Program

In the Intermediate department students participate in a middle school-like program. They change classes and are grouped according to functional ability. There are five different ability groups. Classes include: reading, math, language arts, science/social studies, P.E., communication skills, music and daily living skills. Emphasis is on self-responsibility and social appropriateness.

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