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Upper School

Bridges, Vocational and Post Graduate Programs

The Notre Dame Upper School continues with an emphasis on functional academics with the addition of vocational training, job site placement and independent living components.


 Bridges Program (Ages 15-18)

Bridges is designed to meet the unique academic and social needs of adolescents with developmental disabilities.

These students are transitioning from a primarily academic curriculum to one that emphasizes career exploration and social skills development. Students explore their career interests and begin to develop the independent living skills that will help them to live and work in their communities. They participate in community training and job exploration at off campus sites at least twice a week. In addition they continue with their functional academics in reading, math and social studies during the morning.

 Vocational and Post-Grad Program (Ages 18-23)

Preparation for independent living

Vocational students are prepared for independent living through a comprehensive functional curriculum that includes independent living skills, functional academics and targeted job training based upon student’s interests and abilities. The vocational training program is supplemented by functional academic training in reading, math and  daily living skills training. Students work off-campus in both paid and non-paid job internships.

In the post grad program, students have the opportunity to participate in an additional two years of vocational training. This would include on the job training as well as continued functional academic training.

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Upper School Photos

Bridges and Vocational students at Notre Dame.

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