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April Letter From the Principal

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Notre Dame School of Dallas: April Letter

Wow, where has this year gone? It seems as if our 50th anniversary year has flown by. The fall started with so many fun activities involving revisiting our past and looking towards our future.

So what does the future of Notre Dame look like?

Notre Dame School would like to be known as a recognized leader in the field of special education. How do we measure up? As the teachers come back from workshops and meetings across the state and country they tell me we are in the forefront of many areas in the field. Our technology is amazing under the guidance of our renowned computer instructor, Linda Rush. She is a Discovery Educator leader (DEN) as well as a SMART exemplary trainer. We have some amazing new technology that she has introduced and that the teachers are eagerly learning to use in the classroom.

Vocational training

Our vocational training and community-based instruction programs remain a model for schools across the state and nation. The flexibility that we have to get our students into real life learning settings is a best practice in special education. The use of visual tools such as ipads, phones and ipods help us to give visual cues and reminders to our students on job sites and for instructional purposes in the classroom and in the community.

These are just as few of the areas where we feel that we excel. We want to do more and the board is using the occasion of our 50th anniversary to plan a campaign for the future of Notre Dame.

Stay tuned as we dream what the next 50 years have in store for our students and our families!

No limits, just possibilities!

– Theresa Francis, Principal

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