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April Letter From the Principal

notre dame school talent show

Notre Dame School of Dallas: April Letter Wow, where has this year gone? It seems as if our 50th anniversary year has flown by. The fall started with so many fun activities involving revisiting our past and looking towards our future. So what does the future of Notre Dame look like? Notre Dame School would like to be known as a recognized leader in
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Notre Dame School 2014 Basketball Season

notre dame school basketball

The Notre Dame Basketball teams participated in several tournaments this past season. The Angels and the Stars went to the Mesquite tournament where the Angels tied for gold and the Stars came through the consolation bracket to bring home a bronze medal. All of our teams, the Angels, Spirits, Saints, Stars, and Crusaders went to the Irving tournament to compete. They all had a
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Notre Dame School Professional Development

notre dame school professional development

Several teachers from The Notre Dame School of Dallas attended the Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas Conference with Dr. Brenda Batts, Owner and Director of Focus on the Future Training Center. Dr. Batts spoke about how to help children with special needs adapt to environments with greater ease. It was very informative and enlightening.

Catholic Schools Week 2014: Notre Dame School of Dallas

catholic schools week 2014

Catholic Schools Week at The Notre Dame School was filled with fun activities. January 27 – 31 include daily events for students, their families and Notre Dame School Faculty and Staff. Monday Teacher appreciation day and saw the HSA put on an incredible lunch for our well-deserving teachers! Tuesday Crazy Hat Day! The halls were filled with crazy hats of all kinds.   Wednesday
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