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Catholic Schools Week


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  • Readathon activity in the morning with Lower school
  • Mass 12:30
  • Write thank-you notes for volunteers and SSND
  • Potential all-school service project at school?
  • Dress up: Bring $1 to donate, dress as your church hero/community helper


  • Celebrate parents and families
  • Pastries with parents—Upper School Breakfast 7:45-8:30
  • Dress up: Decades


  • Lower school performance 1:30 for parents and cookie reception
  • Short assembly in the gym in the morning to see each homeroom’s dress up – VC first so they can go to work
  • Dress up: Homeroom wars


  • Teacher luncheon 11:30-12:30
  • Dress up: 100th day of school (dress up as something that represents 100 – 100 year old, 100 years in the future/past, 100 on shirt, etc.)


  • Student appreciation day—tailgate hot dog lunch and teachers bring in
  • Games in gym—schedule department times in the gym
  • Student council plan games
  • 12:30-1:30 Lower school
  • 1:30-2:30 Upper school
  • Dress up: Jersey day
  • Susan Hurley to take pictures on Tuesday (Upper school) and Wednesday (Lower school)
    • Lower school will create a backdrop of the CSW logo to use in pictures
    • Each department needs parent, volunteer, and student gifts

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