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Thank You to Scout Troop 815

Scout Troop 815 Completes Seven Projects at Notre Dame School: Built five wooden benches for two playgrounds Removed old sand in Primary playground and replaced with new sand Replaced old, decaying fence in Primary playground with new fence and gate Installed outdoor instruments in courtyard/play area Planted new landscaping along Allen Street Power-washed two entrances and replaced landscaping at the entrances Installed new climbing
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Graduation 2020: Tiny Celebrations and Major Hope

All over the world, people are figuring out new ways to celebrate old traditions. Holding onto hope and having meaningful celebrations in the midst of adversity can be very encouraging, but most of all, it feels like an utterly human thing to do. We caught up with a staffer and graduate from the Notre Dame School, two grads from Austin and NYC, and a
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Notre Dame School Newsletter

Notre Dame School is following health department guidelines and remains closed until further notice.  This is a challenging time for so many of us and it is especially challenging to our students.  They are missing their friends, teachers and a consistent schedule. Our staff is working hard to keep those connections through ZOOM classes, Class Dojo posts and sharing of links and lessons daily.
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Two Amazing Moms Brought Together By Down Syndrome

In honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Month, we’re featuring two amazing moms who were brought together by the diagnosis and forged a bond that grows stronger every day. I’ve always loved the quote, “Friends are the family you choose for yourself.” Angela O’Brien and Paige Strawn are the personification of this and I’m excited to share their story on Beyond The Waiting Room.  Back in
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