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Keeping it Spicy at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop

The students from Notre Dame School look forward to their important work at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop in Deep Ellum.  Filling the small containers of hot sauce is vital to the customer experience at Fuzzy’s.  What is a taco without its sauce?

Brenda Foster, teacher at Notre Dame School, estimates that the students fill over 600 containers of sauce every week.  That’s a lot of heat!

“Fuzzy’s Taco Shop has been a strong business partner for Notre Dame for the past 3 years.  Our students work in 2 locations – Deep Ellum and Love Field.  The owner has been so pleased with our work, that he has hired 3 students as part-time employees,” stated Foster.

Notre Dame School has a vocational program that begins at age 18. The school partners with over 25 businesses in the Dallas metroplex, ranging from restaurants to law firms to health care providers.  Notre Dame School also has a formalized post-graduation job placement program to assist students in their transition into the workforce or an appropriate day placement program.

For more information about our vocational program or to apply to be a business partner, please contact Carmen Fernandez, Assistant Principal, at cfernandez@notredameschool.org

Notre Dame School educates students with intellectual disabilities and facilitates their integration into society.  As the only school in Dallas exclusively serving this student population, Notre Dame is a unique educational resource in our city and provides special education to 150 students ages 8 to 21.  Notre Dame School is a Catholic school and is sponsored by the School Sisters of Notre Dame. It is located in Uptown, just north of downtown Dallas.

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