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Strategic Plan

2018- 2022

The Board of Directors of Notre Dame School completed a strategic planning process in February of 2018 to assure the future success of the school. The resulting plan included initiatives in four specific areas – Revenue Development, Succession Planning, Program Initiatives, and Mission Enhancement.

Revenue Development: Recognizing that the families of children with developmental disabilities face a lifetime of financial responsibility for that child, The Board of Directors and the School Sisters of Notre Dame have set the published tuition at Notre Dame School at approximately half of the actual cost of educating a student at the school. This policy means that substantial funds must be raised each year to supplement the amount funded by tuition. The initiatives in the Revenue Development portion of the strategic plan deal with marketing and development efforts to raise over $1,500,000 every school year.

Succession Planning: Recognizing that in the next few years new leadership may be required, it is the Board’s responsibility to plan a search for a new Head of School and to ensure the smooth transition for the school under new leadership. The Succession Planning portion of the strategic plan outlines the steps necessary at the appropriate time to find a new Head of School and to work with the various constituencies for a successful transition.

Program Initiatives: Notre Dame School has long been an example of best practices for special education. The strategic plan calls for continuing to lead in the use of technology and community-based vocational training. Additionally, the staff recognizes the need for enhancing parent communication and developing good health and safety habits for all students. Recognizing that the trend in serving persons with developmental disabilities is the need for adult programming, the Program Initiatives portion of the strategic plan calls for the creation of the STAR (Self-determination, Teamwork, Ability, Respect) program for young people who have aged out of the school system.

Mission Enhancement: Notre Dame School is private Catholic School sponsored by the School Sisters of Notre Dame founded by Blessed Mother Theresa of Gerhardinger in 1833. The School Sisters work to transform the world through education with the belief that education extends beyond the classroom. They believe that every person has the right to develop to their full potential in the image of God. Notre Dame School works to educate all students, staff, families and the wider community on this mission and charism. This mission is the core of who we are and what we do.

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