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Notre Dame Students Dance the Night Away at Prom

Prom is a highlight of every student’s high school experience.  It’s a time of time of celebration, dancing, tuxedos and fancy dresses.  It’s a tradition at Notre Dame School as well!

On Friday around 2pm, a local florist arrived with numerous corsage and boutonniere orders.  Students flocked into the office, eagerly looking for their order.  The touch of ribbon giving a hint of the dress color that the young lady would be wearing on Saturday night.

Saturday night finally comes and students begin to arrive at the Chase Tower Building downtown.  They take the elevator to the 40th floor and as soon as they exit the elevator, they are greeted by the setting sun and the beautiful Dallas skyline.  The view is unforgettable.

Students pause for selfies in front of the windows before standing in line to get the professional photo with the backdrop adorned in flowers!  The theme for the night is Garden Party, and many of students celebrated this with floral dresses and ties.

The DJ (who doubles as a Notre Dame teacher during the week) spins all favorite tunes.  Every song is outdone by the next one.  There are numerous tables for sitting, but they are empty because all the students are dancing. Notre Dame students love to dance!

“Our students are afforded the same social opportunities as their peers in other schools.  They have prom, graduation, field trips and sports,” explains Carol Battalora, teacher for the Upper School program.   “But Prom is definitely the highlight of the year for our older students.  They love getting dressed up and they love to dance!”

It’s a night they will never forget.

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