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SMART Technologies Awards Notre Dame School of Dallas SMART Exemplary Award

SMART Technologies recently named Notre Dame School of Dallas as a SMART Exemplary School in North America. Notre Dame School of Dallas has implemented SMART’s solutions within all of their classrooms.  Notre Dame School is the only school that serves students with special needs to receive this honor from SMART Technologies and one of only 40 schools around the world.

As part of the 2015 Capital Campaign, Notre Dame School incorporated SMART Boards in every classroom as well as the media center.  The School also has 2 SMART Tables for collaborative learning that are shared throughout the school.

Notre Dame School currently has 16 of the SMART 6000 series.  The SMART Boards enable the learning environment to be interactive, keeping students engaged in daily lessons.  The School also has nine teachers that are SMART Champions completing 12 professional development lessons in learning SMART software and incorporating it into engaging lessons. Technology teacher and coordinator, Alex Eckler, is a Gold Star SMART Exemplary Educator and loves sharing his knowledge with his fellow teachers. “I believe that SMART Technologies follows our Notre Dame School motto of “No Limits, Just Possibilities”. It’s exciting to see our staff create new applications with SMART products that help our students learn,” Mr. Eckler wrote.

“We serve 160 students with developmental disabilities, some of whom are nonverbal.  SMART Technologies gives these students a voice and allows them to show their abilities.  Interactive lessons are an important way to further our instruction.  With our unique student population, the SMART tools are vital to our curriculum,” stated Theresa Francis, Principal of the Notre Dame School of Dallas.

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